Mewtwo Named As The Most Handsome Pokémon

mewtwo smash bros artwork

It may have once plotted revenge against humanity, but Mewtwo still continues to win over Pokémon fans in Japan.

The Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon, which was created by scientists through genetic manipulation, has been named as the “most handsome” Pokémon in a recent Japanese poll. That’s a peculiar category for it to appear in, but those that placed their votes were apparently taken aback by Mewtwo’s stylish appearance and his daunting prowess in battle.

Psychic and Flying-type Legendary Pokémon Lugia, which had first appeared in Pokémon Silver, came in second place, while firm favourite Charizard came in third. The top five was rounded out with Lucario and Suicune, with Scyther, which I was personally pleased to see receive some appreciation, narrowly missing out in sixth.

The full results were as follows:

1. Mewtwo
2. Lugia
3. Charizard
4. Lucario
5. Suicune
6. Scyther
7. Ninetails
8. Arcanine
9. Darkrai
10. Machamp
11. Scizor
12. Garchomp
13. Gyarados
14. Absol
15. Houndoom
16. Rayquaza
17. Groudon
18. Latios
19. Fearow
20. Zoroark

[Thanks Anime News Network]
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