Mewtwo amiibo on display at San Diego Comic-Con


The Mewtwo amiibo has made an early appearance at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con International.

We knew that it was on the way thanks to Nintendo’s special video presentation dedicated to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, that had been broadcast the weekend before E3 2015.

Within, they had reconfirmed plans to release an amiibo for each of the mascot brawler’s 51 fighters while adding Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy and Ryu to those currently being prototyped ahead of production.

It would appear that the Mewtwo amiibo prototype is further along than expected, presumably so that Nintendo can wrap up their Super Smash Bros. Collection before moving on to whatever else they have planned outside of Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards.


[Thanks amiibo Alerts via Pandaman27]
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