Metroidvania DeathStick Renamed Akatori

Akatori Logo

HypeTrain Digital and TeamNora Games have confirmed that their upcoming game DeathStick has been renamed Akatori.

“A new title consists of two Japanese words: 赤い “Akai” – red and 鳥 “Tori” – bird,” the publisher explains. “It refers to a red canary the main character meets at the game’s start, which transforms into a staff and becomes her weapon after that.”

You play as a young girl called Mako in this 2D pixel art Metroidvania action-platformer, who must set out to save the magical world of Aarkalia from destruction.

When a dark ritual threatens to awaken an ancient God who has remained dormant for many ages, you are challenged to prevent their return.

The developer promises a “fascinating adventure” in which Mako will discover her true destiny, and an experience that offers a unique world-switching mechanic.

You can use the World Warp ability to turn special in-game areas 180 degrees, transferring you to another dimension in which you can gain access to new locations.

Akatori will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q3 2022.

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