Metroid: Samus Returns Legacy Edition Takes Aim At Europe


Nintendo of Europe had announced plans to release their own Metroid: Samus Returns Special Edition, but a product image has since revealed that this will be called the Metroid: Samus Returns Legacy Edition.

The goody-filled package comes packed with far more contents than what Nintendo of America will release, including a physical copy of the game, a download code for Metroid II: Return of Samus on the Nintendo eShop, a SteelBook case, a sound selection CD with 25 tracks from the Metroid series, a gold “S” pin badge, a Morph Ball 3D keyring and a 40-page artbook.

That has seen those in North America quickly seethe with jealousy, as the region’s Special Edition will only contain a physical copy of the game, the same sound selection CD, and a reversible title sheet insert for the game case.

Metroid: Samus Returns will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide on September 15th.


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