Metroid: Samus Returns Guide – How To Open Every Door Type


If there’s an unlikely obstacle that will slow your progress in Metroid: Samus Returns, it’s doors. Lots of different doors.

These come in all shapes and sizes, and, as you progress, you will learn how to deal with all of them. However, those relatively new to the Metroid series may need a few pointers, and so we have outlined how what is required to open them.

That largely revolves around blasting them in multiple ways, whether that be with the Power Beam, Super Missiles, Power Bombs, or any other explosive projectile, but a specific weapon must be used on each door type.

Beam Door
The simplest to open, shoot the door with your Power Beam and it will open automatically for you to wander through.

Malfunctioning Door
These particularly annoying doors are deactivated one side, but active on the other. Unresponsive to any immediate interaction, players will be required to manoeuvre themselves to the other side to open them – correcting the malfunction in the process.

Charge Door
No longer able to be opened with a simple shot from your Power Beam, these doors (as the name implies) require that you unleash a Charge Beam shot in their direction.

Red Door
These doors are protected with a red shield and require that you unload a Missile in their direction to unlock.

Green Door
These doors will require that you blast them with an explosive Super Missile to unlock them.

Yellow Door
Power Bombs are the only way that you will be able to unlock Yellow Doors to pass through them.

These pink-coloured doors create a barrier to protect themselves, that can only be destroyed using the Wave Beam – a weapon that can be fired straight through solid objects.

With three sky blue eyes and purple skin, Gigadoras will only give way to the bounty hunter after being blasted with the Spazer Beam – that lets you fire three beams at once to target each eye.

These sturdy doors are covered in a green skin and can only be opened with the Plasma Beam, the most powerful weapon that Samus can equip in the game – even if it can’t damage Metroids.

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