Metroid: Samus Returns Guide – All Ending Screen Unlock Conditions


Those that have braved any of Samus Aran’s adventures will know that the difficulty setting you choose and the time that it takes you to complete the game will determine the ending that you will unlock. And, Metroid: Samus Returns is no different.

While most Metroid games will take into account the number of item tanks that the player has collected, these do not factor into the ending screen that you will receive in the bounty hunter’s Nintendo 3DS exclusive. So, while we’d certainly encourage exploring every nook and cranny, know that you needn’t fret too much about it.

The only factor that is taken into account is your completion time, which simplifies matters and, I’m sure, will be a challenge that speedrunners will be pleased to take head-on.

There are nine ending screens to unlock, breaking down as three per difficulty setting. And, while the conditions are the same for each, the screens that they reward you with are all different. It’s important to point out that you will need the Metroid amiibo to unlock the Fusion difficulty, which can only be done once you have completed the game for the first time.

Normal Difficulty

  • Ending Screen One: Less than four hours
  • Ending Screen Two: More than four hours, but less than eight hours
  • Ending Screen Three: More than eight hours

Hard Difficulty

  • Ending Screen Four: Less than four hours
  • Ending Screen Five: More than four hours, but less than eight hours
  • Ending Screen Six: More than eight hours

Fusion Difficulty

  • Ending Screen Seven: Less than four hours
  • Ending Screen Eight: More than four hours, but less than eight hours
  • Ending Screen Nine: More than eight hours

Metroid: Samus Returns is now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide.

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