Metroid: Samus Returns Guide – All Aeion Abilities And How To Use Them


Aeion abilities are mysterious powers that Samus Aran can harness in Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Metroid: Samus Returns. These are fuelled by a special energy source that is, unsurprisingly, called Aeion, that can be gathered from Aeion Orbs that enemies can drop when you successfully parry their attacks or take them out.

There are four abilities that you will soon have access to as you explore ever deeper on SR388, and, more importantly, each will help the bounty hunter deal with the increasingly unpredictable enemies that she will face.

Scan Pulse

Scan Pulse is the first Aeion ability that you will unlock on the Surface, and, when activated, will send an energy wave in an outward direction from wherever Samus is standing.

This acts as a hint system, briefly highlighting hidden destructible blocks that are nearby and mapping out neighbouring rooms. It only requires a low amount of Aeion energy and, while those that would rather not have such assistance can do so, it will soon become an invaluable ability for those that need guidance when exploring SR388.

Lightning Armor

Lightning Armor is the next Aeion ability that players will unlock when making their way through Area 2. It will let you temporarily activate an energy shield to protect Samus against any damage taken. This will be primarily used for any situation where you will need to make your way past an environmental hazard, and, while it can’t overcome everything that SR388 will throw at you, it can at least present a chance to reach safety.

Beam Burst

Next up is Beam Burst, the most potent Aeion ability that can be recovered in Area 3. This will soon turn Samus into an even deadlier bounty hunter, enhancing her Power Beam to increase attack power and allow Samus to automatically unload rapid-fire shots for as long as you pull the trigger.

This can help you take out multiple enemies, lend you an edge when facing tricky bosses, and even help to destroy any obstacles that fall in your path. The only issue is that the ability will rapidly drain your Aeion energy, meaning that you will want to use it sparingly and only when needed. Otherwise, you will be left scurrying around for enemies to replenish your gauge.

Phase Drift

If Beam Burst can help you obliterate a swarm of enemies, then Phase Drift will present the chance to buy more time to work out how best to deal with them. This is the last Aeion ability that you will recover in Area 5, and, put simply, will let you slow time around Samus. The most practical use will be when tackling puzzles that test your speed, or when you find yourself faced with an overwhelming onslaught of enemies.

Metroid: Samus Returns is now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide.

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