Metroid Prime: Federation Force plays “very important” role in wider universe


Unfairly treated as the black sheep of E3 2015, Metroid Prime: Federation Force producer Kensuke Tanabe has defended Nintendo’s decision to shift perspective to explore the Galactic Federation.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive was born from a desire to temporarily step away from a storyline dominated by Samus Aran’s escapades, instead wishing to explore the wider backstory that surrounds Metroid universe.

“I was trained to look at [Metroid] from a different perspective,” Tanabe discussed with Wired. “I’d never seen anything that focused on the Galactic Federation against the Space Pirates. I thought that would be an interesting idea to explore.”

As part of that, players will explore distant planets in pursuit of the villainous creatures, with one set to reveal a particularly sinister plot.

“On one of them, there will be research that the Federation has to conduct, and they get to the planet thinking it’s an abandoned place that the Federation used to use before, but they find out that the Space Pirates have been using that place to plot something against the Galactic Federation. Creating the ultimate weapon.”

But the response to Federation Force wasn’t particularly kind, with a petition even demanding that Nintendo strip it of the Metroid name and halt production entirely.

“While there has been some negative feedback, this is something that will be very important in the plot, the whole idea of the Prime universe,” Tanabe reasoned.

“So far, all the games have been focused on you as a player being Samus. This is your first chance to actually see Samus in-game, through your own eyes. There will definitely be a chance for you to meet with her in the game.”

Metroid Prime: Federation Force will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in 2016.

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