Metroid Prime: Federation Force Delayed As Release Dates Slated

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force has been treated to release dates across multiple regions, seeing the Nintendo 3DS exclusive arrive later in the year than expected.

That news came as Nintendo made the decision to delay the game’s Japanese launch beyond June, sharing that they needed more time to adjust the sci-fi shooter’s balance.

Met with a negative reaction when it was revealed at E3 2015, producer Kensuke Tanabe shared that he was “quite surprised” at the backlash and reiterated that it plays a “very important” role in the wider Metroid universe.

It resurfaced in March’s Nintendo Direct, when Nintendo had looked to reintroduce the game to their fans. But, having indicated that it would see release across North America in late spring and Europe this summer, it has been pushed back beyond such schedule.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in North America on August 19th, Japan on August 25th, Europe on September 2nd, and Australia and New Zealand on September 3rd.

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