Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Free-To-Play Until Early September

metroid prime blast ball image

Nintendo is inviting players to climb aboard a mech and buckle up, with Metroid Prime: Blast Ball receiving an unexpected release on the Nintendo eShop this week.

As an indirect way for players to become used to the control scheme in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Blast Ball promises three-on-three multiplayer mayhem as opposing teams charge around an arena and shoot a ball towards goal with their blaster.

Scoring three times within the five-minute time limit will secure victory, or, if there aren’t enough goals then the team that has scored the most will be declared the winner.

Matches can soon become intensely competitive, and players will have to decide whether to fire quick, successive Power Shots or build up a Charge Shot to slam the ball in a specific direction.

While Blast Ball is free to download, Nintendo has stated that “the multiplayer servers will switch over to support the full game only” in early September. Until then, you can enjoy complete online support as normal.

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