Metroid Dread Update 1.0.2 Now Available (With Patch Notes)

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Nintendo has released a new software update for Metroid Dread, which now sees the game on version 1.0.2.

This has implemented multiple fixes for bugs that have been identified, which, detailed within the patch notes, could hamper your progress in the game.

Metroid Dread is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Metroid Dread Update Version 1.0.2 Patch Notes

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where retrying after a game over would cause the play time to be added only when retrying a specific boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would force-quit if you hit an enemy frozen by an Ice Missile with the Shine Spark in a certain way.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Samus to move strangely when jumping at certain times in the Morph Ball Launcher.
  • Fixed an issue where the final boss would get stuck on a wall and not be able to move during a certain attack, making it impossible to progress in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Samus would get stuck in the wall when defeating the E.M.M.I. in Ferenia in a certain position.
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