MetaGal Fights To Save The World On Nintendo Switch This Week

MetaGal Screenshot

Ratalaika Games and RetroRevolution have announced that MetaGal will release on Nintendo Switch this week, a classic 16-bit run-and-gun platformer.

You play as Meta, a cyborg girl who must save her creator Dr. Ray from General Creeper, the evil leader of a rogue army. The situation becomes even worse when she learns that her sisters have also been kidnapped and turned into battle cyborgs so that Creeper can use their powers to rule the world.

With no other choice, Meta must battle her sisters, free them, and copy their abilities to save the world, enduring eight levels before taking on General Creeper in the final confrontation.

There are powerful new weapons that you can acquire by defeating each Gal Boss, secret collectible items that will power you up, and unlockable characters that each have their own powers and upgrades.

MetaGal will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 29th, priced at €4.99 ($4.99).

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