Mega64 parody Metroid Prime: Federation Force cancellation campaign


Mega64 have parodied the furore surrounding Metroid Prime: Federation Force’s announcement in E3 2015’s Nintendo Digital Event.

Kylie Minogue – bearing no relation to the pop princess – from People who are Violently Against the Release of Federation Force (P.V.A.R.F.F.) immediately declares the Nintendo 3DS exclusive a “wussy game.”

There’s a dig at Metroid: Other M where any praise toward the Wii title won’t be tolerated, before panning across the Anti-Federation Force Training Grounds. Their soldiers are being trained to terminate anyone that can be described as the ‘Bringer of False Metroid,’ targeting their homes, cars, pets, ex-girlfriends, and breakfast.

If that fails, Battle Plan Phase 2 introduces a deadly female assassin squad, and, if that’s unsuccessful, they’ll invoke the power of God.

The comedy skit is largely inspired by a petition created by Gilbert Manzanarez that seeks to “stop this atrocity of a game from bearing the beloved Metroid franchise name and make Nintendo halt production on it.” That has so far been signed by 20,870 supporters, but, as Mega64 indicate, you aren’t being forced to buy it.

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