Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo exclusive to Toys R Us


Prepare yourselves amiibo collectors! Toys R Us has confirmed that the Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo will be exclusive to the retailer in the United States.

Set to release on November 15th, the cuddly addition will only be available directly from the major toy retailer’s stores across the country with stock already said to be “extremely limited!”

This brings the retailer’s exclusives to a close, having been the only place where consumers could buy the Mii Fighter amiibo 3-Pack Set and the Villager amiibo restock. Whereas the Green, Light Blue and Pink Yarn Yoshi amiibo will release separately at retailers from October 16th.

Yoshi’s Woolly World is available worldwide exclusively for Wii U, and releases in North America on October 16th.

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