Mega Mushroom, Miis and White Tanooki Suit join Super Mario 3D World


New details for Super Mario 3D World have surfaced through a lengthy overview trailer, seeing the Mega Mushroom return to enlarge characters and the White Tanooki Suit to aid those struggling to battle through the course that they’re on.

A new Beam Box power-up also sees characters carrying around a torch to light up darker passages, whilst Mario can now hide in Red Shells as they spin around. We also see that Mario and pals pick up the Goomba costume, first seen in last month’s Nintendo Direct trailer, by simply bopping one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s iconic foes.

Also revealed is the ability to download Ghost Data that will appear as Mii characters in levels, hidden Stamp collectibles that can be used within Miiverse posts, and a Crown that players compete to carry to the level’s end – presumably to score bonus points.

Super Mario 3D World releases for Wii U across Japan on November 21st, North America on November 22nd and Europe on November 29th.

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