Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Garchomp revealed for Pokémon X & Y


The latest issue of monthly Japanese magazine CoroCoro has landed on subscriber doorsteps, revealing new information regarding Pokémon X & Y.

Of key interest is a new Mega Evolution for legendary psychic-Pokémon Mewtwo, reportedly known as Mega Mewtwo X. This is apparently a Psychic and Fighting-type evolution with the ability Steadfast, in-game screenshots seeing the evolved form throwing a rather weighty kick at an opponent.

Predictably, as suggested by the name, this is exclusive to to Pokémon X, whilst the previously revealed evolution will be named Mega Mewtwo Y, and is exclusive to Pokémon Y. Each require Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y to perform their Mega Evolution, as well as the Mega Ring.

Alongside this, Mega Garchomp has joined the roster of Pokémon capable of performing a Mega Evolution, which will have the ability Sand Force.

We can expect The Pokémon Company International to make an official announcement regarding these additions within the coming days.

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