Mega Flygon has nearly become a reality since Pokémon X & Y


It has been revealed that Mega Flygon has nearly become a reality ever since Mega Evolution was first introduced in 2013’s Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

That’s according to Pokémon series character designer and art director Ken Sugimori, who recently participated in an interview with Japan’s Nintendo Dream magazine. He discussed that, while Flygon is one of his favourite Pokémon, they were unable to finalise a Mega Flygon design that they were happy with.

“For Aarune, he needed to have a Pokémon that could use the moves Fly and Secret Power, which are perfect moves for finding Secret Bases.

“And the only Hoenn Pokémon that wasn’t used by a key character that fit that criteria was Flygon. It does not Mega Evolve, but I really like Flygon,” Sugimori shared with the magazine (translated by PokéBeach).

He continued, “Flygon has had the potential to have a Mega Evolution since [Pokémon] XY, but we were unable to complete a design and so it was dropped from consideration.”

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