Meet The Wisps In This New Sonic Colours: Ultimate Trailer

Sonic Colours: Ultimate Key Art

SEGA has shared a new “Meet the Wisps” trailer for Sonic Colours: Ultimate, which is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

This has looked to introduce the different Wisps in the game and their powers, which are:

  • White Wisp: Fill your boost gauge and accelerate into super speeds, destroy obstacles and enemies in your path
  • Cyan Wisp: Turn Sonic into a powerful cyan laser, move across the stage at lightning speed and zap enemies in your path;
  • Jade Wisp: Transform Sonic into a Jade ghost, fly around and phase through solid objects to reach hidden areas;
  • Pink Wisp: Turn Sonic into a pink spike that can roll up walls and ceilings and attack enemies;
  • Green Wisp: Transform Sonic into a green hover form to reach higher areas and float past treacherous obstacles;
  • Orange Wisp: Turn Sonic into an orange rocket, blast into the air and reach unparalleled heights;
  • Blue Wisp: Switch blue rings and blue blocks to open new routes, turn Sonic into a blue cube to stomp down enemies;
  • Yellow Wisp: Transform Sonic into a yellow drill and dig through the ground or torpedo through the water;
  • Purple Wisp: Transform Sonic into a hungry purple frenzy and eat anything in your path.

With developer Blind Squirrel Entertainment behind the project, you can expect “stunning visuals, additional features, a new mode, and improved gameplay enhancements, providing players the ultimate Sonic experience.”

Those new additions include the new Jade Ghost Wisp that will let you “pass through solid objects and discover alternate paths,” and the Rival Rush Mode, which will challenge you to outrun Metal Sonic to unlock rewards.

After Dr. Eggman builds a gigantic interstellar amusement park packed with incredible rides and colourful attractions, Sonic races to free the Wisps that he has captured to power it. You must learn the secrets of their powers to explore six worlds, using the special abilities that they grant to overcome the enemies and obstacles that lie in your path.

There are multiple physical and digital versions of the game that will be available to pre-order:

Standard Retail Physical Pre-Order ($39.99)

  • Exclusive Baby Sonic Keychain

Sonic Colours: Ultimate Digital Standard ($39.99)

  • Sonic Movie Boost: Harness all the power of Sonic from the hit Paramount Pictures movie and gain an exclusive electric boost and aura.
  • Exclusive Player Icons: Stand out from the crowd with your own exclusive player icons.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate Digital Deluxe ($44.99)

  • Early Access: Hit the ground running and experience Sonic Colors Ultimate early on Friday September 3, 2021 at 6:00 PDT // 13:00 GMT.
  • Exclusive Player Icons: Stand out from the crowd with your own exclusive player icons.
  • Ultimate Cosmetic Pack: Customize Sonic and stand out with exclusive gold and silver gloves and shoes, an electric boost and aura from the hit Sonic movie and exclusive Sonic movie-themed player icons.
  • Ultimate Music Pack: Three exclusive original game remixes to set the pace for you while you put an end to Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 7th September 2021.

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