Meet PDI Check, The $99.99 Vision Screening Game For Nintendo 3DS

PDI Check Image

Damarjian Interactive has released PDI Check for Nintendo 3DS, an interactive multiple-choice game that can quickly and accurately measure “monocular near visual acuity, color vision, and stereopsis.”

Priced at $99.99, this vision screening game – which has been spearheaded by Dr. Robert W. Arnold from the Alaska Children’s Eye and Strabismus – has become the most expensive addition to the Nintendo eShop.

“The PDI Check game (v 0.1.0) has an orientation phase and a testing phase. During the orientation phase, the patient initially views the top, 3D screen and sees four identical objects in each quadrant,” the developer explains.

“Then they press the Start button. When one random object becomes markedly different, the patient is to signal their choice by pressing- either with finger or stylus – the corresponding quadrant of the lower, touch-sensitive screen.”

After this, the player moves on to the subsequent testing phase, where “fine levels of stereo (minimal offset of circles), color (equal hue at deuteranopia-confusion axes) and acuity (small letter C) are initially viewed with gradually coarser levels of disparity in one randomized quadrant.”

These tests would normally take you 90 seconds to complete, meaning that, as with other utility applications created for the handheld, it serves a purpose rather than being a mass market game for everyone to buy.

In this case, it’s hoped that PDI Check will be a more entertaining way for children to have their eyesight checked.

PDI Check is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in North America, priced at $99.99.

PDI Check v 0.1.0 from Robert W Arnold on Vimeo.

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