Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood Hits Nintendo Switch On December 21st


Stage Clear Studios and Flashbulb Games have announced that Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will see release on Nintendo Switch this month.

The critically acclaimed physics-based puzzle-platformer is set in a Scandinavian-inspired fantasy world, and, when Max wishes for his annoying little brother to be whisked away by unknown evil forces, he gets more than he bargained for.

Armed with a magic marker and the hope that he can undo what he has done, Max sets out on a perilous journey that will take him across deserts, eerie lantern-lit bogs, ancient temples and lush green forests to rescue his brother.

The Magic Marker has the power to bend the elements and create magic objects to help Max on his quest, and, on Nintendo Switch, the developer has introduced a new touch-based control scheme that will let the player directly draw on the screen – something that was not available in the game on other platforms.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 21st, priced at £14.99 (€14.99 / $14.99).

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