Match Gems To Unleash Combos In Crystal Crisis On Nintendo Switch

Crystal Crisis Screenshot

Nicalis has announced that Crystal Crisis will release on Nintendo Switch, a colourful gem-matching combat game where successful matches will let you inflict damage on your opponents.

Through matching gems and unleashing combos you will build up your burst gauge that can be used to trigger powerful, board-breaking hits that will leave your opponents in pieces.

And, a new wrap-around feature will let you move a falling piece beyond the edge of the playfield to reappear on the other side. This even lets you divide it into two separate gems by allowing it to drop while the two halves are straddling the border.

With Arcade, Survival, Tag-Team and Training modes, you will also be able to challenge friends, family and Crystal Crisis warriors around the world in local and online multiplayer.

There are 19 playable characters that include fan favourites from Cave Story and The Binding of Isaac, that will each have their own home stage, musical theme, unique special attacks and extensive voice-acted exclamations. The current roster is:

  • Quote, Curly Brace and Ballos (from Cave Story)
  • Isaac (from The Binding of Isaac)
  • Atom and Black Jack (from Tezuka Productions)
  • Princess Solange (from Code of Princess EX and Blade Strangers)
  • Aban, Tina and Jim Hawkins (from 1001 Spikes)
  • President Thompson and a Zombie (from The Tempura of the Dead)
  • Akuji (from Akuji the Demon)
  • Knight (from Hydra Castle Labyrinth)
  • Johnny Turbo (notorious TurboDuo spokesman)

There are also four newly-created characters from other Nicalis games in development, three of which will appear for the first time in Crystal Crisis:

  • Helen – a noble warrior inspired by Greek mythology (also appearing in Blade Strangers)
  • Hunter – a whip-wielding vampire killer
  • Elise – a bat-winged gothic vampire girl
  • Ninja – a mysterious and acrobatic shinobi

Crystal Crisis will release physically at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. The physical edition will include a full-colour instruction booklet and a yet-to-be-announced bonus collectable.

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