Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Character Trailer Shared

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Logo

Spike Chunsoft has shared a character trailer for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, which will release on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

This introduces five characters in Halara Nightmare, Aphex Logan, Pucci Lavmin, Vivia Twilight and Number One, who are voiced by Amber Lee Connors, Stephen Fu, Lindsay Sheppard, Aleks Le and SungWon Cho respectively.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is a “lucid-noir” adventure game from the creators behind the Danganronpa series. It is set in a strange city caged by unending rain which has become gripped by innumerable unsolved mysteries and remains under the complete control of a megacorporation.

Master Detectives from around the world – who each possess unique powers – must work to uncover the truth. Amnesiac detective-in-training Yuma and Shinigami, a spirit that haunts him, must gather evidence and testimonies.

As their investigation progresses, an ever-changing Mystery Labyrinth will appear to create a path towards the truth. Inside them, the mysteries shrouding the case materialise as gimmicks and traps to prevent you from reaching the heart of them. You will also need to dodge Mystery Phantoms and their barrage of lies, using your Solution Blade to slash any contradictions.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 30th June 2023.

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