Mass Effect 3 Wii U to support off-screen play

mass effect 3 wii u gamepad1

BioWare have confirmed that the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 will support the ability to play the game in its entirety solely using the Wii U GamePad.

“One of the other cool things, is at any time you can hit the Home button here on the [Wii U Game]Pad, and you can swap gameplay to the controller and take it with you wherever you go,” explained Nick Clifford, assistant product manager at BioWare, in a video interview with GotGame. “It’s a pretty cool feature.”

Those that choose to play using their TV screen will be able to employ use of supported Wii U GamePad functionality, including assigning ammo, biotic, combat and tech powers to hot keys on the touch screen, the ability to issue commands to squad mates, and an interactive map.

Mass Effect 3 is confirmed to be available at Wii U launch.

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