Masahiro Sakurai shares how much Steam impresses him

Writing within Japan’s Weekly Famitsu magazine, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai took the opportunity to discuss digital stores.

Despite his long-standing allegiance with Nintendo, it was Steam that Sakurai posited as being “superior” and which expertly incentivises users to purchase.

“It’s become mandatory that each platform has its own built-in [digital] shop,” Sakurai began. “So among those, which online shop is superior and offers the most incentive to buy from it? I would answer, ‘Steam.'”

He continued, “When someone opens Steam, depending their purchase and viewing history, suggested titles pop up. And there are sales almost every day with massive deals. The changes vary, making me check in frequently.”

That praise continued, with Sakurai discussing Steam’s rating system, ease of searching through genre and theme tags, achievements, wish lists, bundles and the delivery of automatic updates.

“I write this because on varying levels, I have complaints with every other online shopping format,” he concluded. “While there are limitations for each platform, perhaps those in development of shopping apps could take a page from Steam’s playbook?”

[Thanks Kotaku]

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