Masahiro Sakurai ends his Super Smash Bros. ‘Pic of the day’ Miiverse posts

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E3 2013 saw Nintendo launch a dedicated Super Smash Bros. series community on Miiverse, through which creator Masahiro Sakurai would share a screenshot each day while the Wii U and 3DS iterations were in development.

After 384 posts and more than 500 screenshots that came to a close today as, with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U launching in Japan tomorrow, Sakurai is taking a well-deserved break. Even though they still have to continue implementing Mewtwo to join the battle in Spring 2015, meaning that he “can’t relax too much yet.”

“Pic of the day has continued since E3 2013, and I would like to bring this series to a close today,” Sakurai wrote on Miiverse. “A total of 384 posts and roughly 500 screenshots have been posted, and there’s even more screenshots if you count the ones I’ve posted for different regions.”

He continued, “The origins of pic of the day was sharing one picture a day of the game in development inside the company. It started out just as a small bonus for the staff.

“However, once we started sharing pictures with the public, it was a much tougher process. We had to be more careful to choose appropriate pictures to post while keeping a consistent schedule regardless of how busy we got, all while some people only wanted new information from my posts.

“It’s nice to finally be able to get one weight off of my shoulders. But, we promised to create Mewtwo as a playable character, so I can’t relax too much yet. I hope you’ll look forward to Mewtwo joining the battle!”

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