Mark Hamill unimpressed by Spike TV Video Game Awards

Mark Hamill

Leading voice talent for Rocksteady Studios’ critically-praised Batman: Arkham City were left dismayed that their nominations weren’t announced during the Spike TV Video Game Awards on Saturday night, making them wonder why they were even invited to attend in the first place.

Mark Hamill, acclaimed for his iconic role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars as well as voicing the Joker for Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, was left bemused that his category winner, or his nomination, wasn’t even announced during the show, whilst also commenting that he had been given “lousy seats”.

“Weird VGAs! Don’t mind losing but I’d like to know when it happens”, Hamill stated. “Did I miss something? Award given off-camera? Tara and I in lousy seats. BOO!”

This was followed by Tara Strong, who voiced Harley Quinn within Batman: Arkham City, also taking to Twitter to write “Video Game Awards are just a big commercial! They did not even announce voice over [awards] live, Mark Hamill and I sat in bleachers,” before later continuing “I’m sorry but to have Mark Hamill sit way up in the bleachers, and not even MENTION his nomination? Shame on VGA…”

She then, the next day, directed a further comment regarding the evening: “Hey, Spike TV, if you weren’t going to announce the nominees, why have us come to the show? Voice over may not matter to you, but it sure does to us.”

It’s a shame to see that such talented voice actors/actresses were left feeling so unappreciated by such a publicised awards ceremony. I undoubtedly side with their dismay at the way it was handled, the annual Spike TV Video Game Awards often subject to criticism, but this is deserved.

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