Mario Tennis Aces Update Version 2.0.1 Now Available

Mario Tennis Aces Bowser Jr. Screenshot

Nintendo and Camelot have released a new software update for Mario Tennis Aces, that sees the intense tennis game now on version 2.0.1.

This had reduced slice shot’s power, changed certain character abilities and made further tweaks to Online Tournament, Free Play, Swing Mode and Adventure modes.

Mario Tennis Aces Update Version 2.0.1 Patch Notes

Changes to Shot System

  • Slice shot’s power has been slightly decreased.
  • Returning a slice which was hit at a high point close to the net has been made easier.
  • The power of lobs has been increased when playing with Simple rules.

Changes to Character Abilities

  • The abilities of certain characters have been changed.

Other Changes

  • Simple Class: In Online Tournament, option settings that do not affect Simple rules will not be displayed.
  • Free Play and Swing Mode: When three or more players are playing Singles, the game will now start with P1 and P2 serving for matches other than Team matches. The server and returner will be randomly selected.
  • Online Tournament: Control issues when your character is on the far court have been fixed.
  • Adventure: The issue of software shutting down when playing in Challenges has been fixed.
  • The issue of Zone Shots being cancelled has been fixed.
  • The issue concerning Leap Shots and swinging and missing when Koopa Troopa is on a star point has been fixed.
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