Mario Tennis Aces Update 3.0.0 Adds New Adventure Mode Movie, Ring Shot And Co-Op Challenge

Mario Tennis Aces Movie Screenshot

Nintendo and Camelot have released a new software update for Mario Tennis Aces, that sees the intense tennis game now on version 3.0.0.

This has introduced a new opening movie to Adventure mode, that, complete with conversational subtitles, explains what’s happening in the story more clearly. If you have already set out on your quest to recover the five Power Stones, after entering the mode you should then open the menu. From here, select Bonus and then Watch Scene where you should then see “Opening (Ver. 3).”

The update has also added the new Ring Shot mode, in which up to four players are challenged to pass the tennis ball through rings to build their score. Standard rules will apply regarding energy, but automatically successful blocks won’t break rackets.

And then there’s a new colorful Yoshi-themed Co-op Challenge, where, if you manage to collectively earn enough points, you can unlock three colored Yoshi – Orange Yoshi (20,000 Participation Points), Pink Yoshi (50,000 Participation Points), and Light Blue Yoshi (80,000 Participation Points).

Mario Tennis Aces is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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