Mario Tennis Aces Requires Additional 2GB Download

Legendary Racket Mario Tennis Aces Screenshot

Mario Tennis Aces releases worldwide this week, and, before you have a chance to step on the court, you will first need to download a 2GB software update.

This has been revealed on the Nintendo Switch exclusive’s box art, which reads: “Download required (2GB): additional online functionality (tournaments) and additional languages (Chinese and Korean).”

The monthly online tournaments that you can participate in are how you will be able to unlock more playable characters, like Koopa Troopa, Blooper, Diddy Kong, Birdo and Koopa Paratroopa.

You can unlock them early once you reach a specified points target, but, fret not, as if you can’t take part in an online tournament, every character that is to be offered as a reward will be unlocked for all players on the first day of the following month.

Mario Tennis Aces will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 22nd.

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