Mario Tennis Aces Character Types: Explaining the Different Classes

Mario Tennis Aces Classes Screenshot

It’s easy enough to step on the court in Mario Tennis Aces with your favourite Mushroom Kingdom icon, but, for those looking to hone their skills for competitive play, you will want to know more about the different classes or character types.

There are six classes in the Nintendo Switch exclusive that you will soon spot when you glance down the character select screen: All-Around, Defensive, Powerful, Speedy, Technical and Tricky.

For example, Mario is an All-Around character given that the moustachioed hero will be a popular choice and, therefore, a good choice for beginners. Whereas Boo is a Tricky character, meaning that whenever the mischievous spectre performs a Slice shot it will bend a lot more in comparison to other non-Tricky characters.

The explanations that Nintendo has provided for each character type in Mario Tennis Aces is somewhat brief, but, for reference, you can see them below. We have also added in which classes the characters fall under.

Mario Tennis Aces Classes

They have very balanced stats.
Characters: Mario, Luigi and Daisy

They can cover a wide area.
Characters: Bowser Jr. and Waluigi,

Their shots are fast.
Characters: Bowser, Chain Chomp, Donkey Kong, Spike and Wario

Their run speed is fast.
Characters: Toad and Yoshi

They can easily target the far corners of a court.
Characters: Peach and Toadette

Their slice bends a lot.
Characters: Boo and Rosalina

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