Mario Stars In LeSportsac X Nintendo Travel Collection


Nintendo and LeSportsac have teamed up to create a special collection of totes, backpacks and accessories the world’s most recognisable gaming icon, Mario.

The LeSportsac X Nintendo collection has launched in time for the holiday travel season, and, as Mario’s adventures have taken him to Isle Delfino, outer space and other strange places, it looks to tap into the moustachioed plumber’s passion for exploration.

There are two unique designs that have been created exclusively for the collection: the Power-Up Burst, a colourful homage to Mario’s iconic power-up items and classic foes, such as Fire Flowers, Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, Super Stars, coins, Goombas and Koopas; and the Mario Travel print, that portrays playful Mushroom Kingdom-inspired travel memorabilia, like luggage tags, passport stamps and postcards on a bright red background.

There are five items that complement the collection, including an authentic pouch shaped like the Game Boy system, a round Piranha Plant pouch, and a Super Mario Bros. cosmetic. Every style will showcase a custom Super Mario coin zipper pull.

The LeSportsac X Nintendo collection will launch in Japan on July 19th, and will become available in other countries later in the year.

Power-Up Burst Backpack


Mario Travel Tote


Game Boy Pouch


Super Mario Bros. Cosmetic

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