Mario Sports Superstars Compete In Europe On March 10th

mario sports superstars illustration

After news that Mario Sports Superstars will arrive in North America on March 24th, Nintendo of Europe has announced that players across the region will have a chance to compete sooner.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive lets you take part in five sports games – Football, Golf, Tennis, Baseball and Horse Racing – in single-player tournaments, local and online multiplayer modes. With an opportunity to hone your skills in training and challenges, multiplayer modes will not only let you take on family and friends but players from around the world with similar skill levels.

There are 18 characters to choose from, with 16 available at the start and two more unlocked by completing specific tournaments and challenges.

We can also learn more about how the 90 Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards will work, in that they will “unlock more powerful versions of each character in support.” When an amiibo card is scanned, players unlock the Star version of whichever character is featured on it and the sport specified on the card.

Star characters have stronger stats in comparison to their regular counterpart, and, by tapping up to three amiibo cards, players can take part in the Road to Superstar mode. Completing this mode will award a character Superstar status, lending an even greater boost to their stats.

Mario Sports Superstars will release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS in Europe on March 10th, and in North America on March 24th.

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