Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Promises Crazy Combat Adventure On Nintendo Switch

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Artwork

Ubisoft has endured numerous rumours that have swirled around Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but their fight to prevent a leak about the Nintendo Switch exclusive has ended unsuccessfully.

After key artwork had emerged, Nintendo World Report has since published internal marketing documents that reveal far more concrete information about the game.

Described as a crazy combat adventure, the 20-hour game has been created to tread around exploration and turn-based combat. With four worlds to explore, players can uncover puzzles and secret zones with plenty of easter eggs awaiting discovery.

There are eight playable characters that each present their own unique playstyles and personalities. That includes Mario (“The Leader”), Luigi (“The Eagle-Eye”), Peach (“The Badass Princess”), Yoshi (“The Explosive Head”), Mario Rabbid (“The Macho Man”), Luigi Rabbid (“The Unstable”), Peach Rabbid (“#Sassy #Nofilter”) and Yoshi Rabbid (“The Crazy One”).

When in combat, players can turn to tactical options such as dash, team jumps, warp pipes and destructible covers, with the weapons that they carry being upgradeable. With seven enemy archetypes, one boss and one mid-world boss, players will be tasked with combat objectives and contextual events.

With the Rabbids brand presenting chances for humour and self-mockery, it is hoped that this will turn out to be a “refreshing experience” that had been intended to be a surprise at E3 2017.

Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft Milan have handled development using the proprietary Snowdrop engine, with two-player local co-op having been implemented. Whenever these materials were published, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was destined to release in either August or September.






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