Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle amiibo Prototypes Emerge

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Artwork

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has become a particularly leaky project for Ubisoft, with the Nintendo Switch exclusive having become a persistent rumour over the past several months.

Now, after internal marketing material was leaked, the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle amiibo prototypes have appeared on the amiibo subreddit, each based on the Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi Rabbid character designs.

“This is, as of now, unsourced and wholly unverified,” moderator rottedzombie clarified. “Please treat all rumors and speculation with appropriate skepticism.”

WWG had reported last month that Ubisoft were exploring amiibo interaction within Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, with one source revealing that the game had an amiibo Machine mode. Multiple sources had also shared that Ubisoft had worked on prototype amiibo, lending some credit to the leaked photo, although their functionality remains unknown.

It is expected that we will learn more about Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at E3 2017, which takes place next week.


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