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Mario Party: Star Rush Review Header

Mario Party: Star Rush Review

Star Rush Plaza is the place to be, with Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants great and small allowed to embrace their competitive spirit for a second time this year. After their sporting prowess was put to t...

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Nintendo Reveal How amiibo Work In Mario Party: Star Rush

The Mushroom Kingdom is nearly ready to party hard once again, and Nintendo has revealed how amiibo will work in Mario Party: Star Rush. Solo players that scan a compatible amiibo in the Nintendo 3DS ...

Mario Party: Star Rush Release Dates Scramble Into View

Nintendo has revealed more about Mario Party: Star Rush, a Nintendo 3DS exclusive iteration that looks to speed up the party antics by letting every player move at once. That can be seen in Toad Scram...

Mario Party: Star Rush Rolls The Dice On Nintendo 3DS

Meticulous party planning continues in the Mushroom Kingdom, with Nintendo having announced Mario Party: Star Rush as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. This will see you explore different worlds on multiple b...

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