Mario Party: Star Rush Release Dates Scramble Into View

mario party star rush image

Nintendo has revealed more about Mario Party: Star Rush, a Nintendo 3DS exclusive iteration that looks to speed up the party antics by letting every player move at once.

That can be seen in Toad Scramble, a mode where players move freely around an open map with whichever player reaches a designated boss first starting a mini-game – the other players joining in once they have caught up. While everyone starts as Toad, players can recruit Mushroom Kingdom allies to help them when they appear on the board.

Modes beyond this include the fast-paced minigame gauntlet Coinathlon and Mario Shuffle, where players move three pieces toward their opponent’s side of the board. Star Rush is also compatible with the Super Mario Collection series amiibo.

Those that download Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest for free can join up to four players to enjoy multiplayer modes, with only one player required to own the full version between them.

Mario Party: Star Rush will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe on October 7th, and North America on November 4th.


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