Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. launches in Europe and Australia in December

mario and luigi paper jam bros characters

Nintendo has announced that Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. has been brought forward from the crossover RPG’s previously scheduled Q2 2015 launch window.

When Luigi accidentally opens a mysterious book hidden in Peach’s Castle, characters from the Paper Mario universe spill out of the tome’s many pages.

With Bowser and Paper Bowser uniting to double their dastardly plans, Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario must form their own superstar team to help the Paper Mario characters return to their original world.

Paper Mario’s arrival opens new ways for Mario and Luigi to explore, solve puzzles and topple enemies, which will include new Trio Attacks and Paper Mario’s copy ability to duplicate himself to boost his attack power.

Paper Craft Battles are another new addition, which will task players with neutralising the join Bowsers’ army through the power of dance – rhythm-based events that see them wield giant papercrafts.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. will launch in Japan on December 3rd, Europe on December 4th, and Australia on December 10th.

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