Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. patch now available


A patch has been made available for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., addressing performance issues within the Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

Announced by Nintendo of Japan a few weeks ago, it can be accessed through the Nintendo eShop and updates the software version to 1.1.

Patch notes regarding issues that it addresses are as follows:

* On Mount Pajamaja, at the time you break the ice with a spin jump against the Massif Brothers, we fixed the problem in the game that wouldn’t let you progress when you spoke to the Massif Brothers, depending on how you proceeded.
* Late in the game against Antasma, we corrected the problem that didn’t let the battle end properly in certain circumstances.
* In addition, we fixed some other small problems to make the game run more smoothly.

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  1. Uh… you didn’t fix the lag that led to the game freezing and every button on my 3ds not responding! The only thing that fixed it was removing my game card, and I hadn’t saved in a while, so I had to do a big chunk of the game all over again!

  2. I have completed the game now, so I have no idea if it fixes the glitch that causes they gyroscope controls to become unresponsive during the zeekeeper giant boss fight. Does it? If it doesn’t you should of only released the patch if it also fixed that. Or make another patch that fixes it please.

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