Mario Kart Tour Update 2.1.0 Now Available (With Patch Notes)

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Nintendo has released a new software update for Mario Kart Tour, which sees the mobile kart racer on version 2.1.0.

This ass added the Team Game rule, the chance to meet up with other players using Room Codes, support for the upcoming Coins Aplenty event and the new points-cap ticket.

Mario Kart Tour is now available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Mario Kart Tour Version 2.1.0 Patch Notes

New Features Have Been Added To Multiplayer

  • The Team Game rule has been added to multiplayer. When playing with this rule, players will be split into two to four teams. Upon finishing the race, the team with the highest combined placement will be the winner.
  • The Team Game rule will routinely appear in the Standard Race rule rotation.
  • The Room Code feature has been added to multiplayer. Room Codes can be shared on social media to allow players to easily meet up and play together.
  • Players can now automatically earn up to 100 coins a day as they wait for a multiplayer match to be found.
  • Players can now move the camera around before the race begins.

Note: When playing using a Room Code via the Create Room option, if you use social media or another app on your device to share your Room Code, please be aware that you’ll be disconnected if the game is left running in the background for more than 10 seconds.

Note: When creating a room with a Room Code, we recommend the following steps:

  1. The Room Code displays before creating the room, so switch to the social media app to share it at that time.
  2. Create the room. Note: Players who want to play multiplayer together must use the same version of the game. In order to enjoy the latest features, please ensure that you are using the most recent version of the game available from your device’s store.

New Features Have Been Added To Tours

  • High scores earned by friends in a particular cup can now be seen for every cup, not just the ranked cup. Scores shown are those recorded after updating to Version 2.1.0.
  • Support for the Coins Aplenty event has been added. This event will allow you to obtain a large amount of coins and will become available in future tours.
  • Support for expert challenges has been added. These challenges are more difficult to complete than existing challenges and will become available in future tours.

Further information on the Coins Aplenty event and expert challenges will be made available in future notifications.

Some Other Changes Have Been Made Too

  • A new type of ticket, the points-cap ticket, has been added. This ticket allows you to raise the base-points cap of a driver, kart or glider. Players will be able to obtain points-cap tickets in future tours.
  • With the addition of the points-cap ticket, drivers, karts, and gliders that have reached their base-points cap will be indicated by the word LOCKED for easy identification.
  • Support has been added for player level 100 and beyond. Players will be able to increase their player level past 99 at the start of a future tour.
  • When a driver, kart, or glider that you own appears in Daily Selects, the number of duplicates needed to level them up will now be displayed.

Known Issues Have Been Addressed

The update addresses the following known issues:

  • Players may not receive a level-up reward when they advance to the next player level. Note: We plan to provide in-game compensation to all players in the future.
  • After a race, the player-level gauge may decrease before increasing.
  • When racing on a course that has reached its point limit (and therefore no longer contributes points toward your player-level gauge), your player-level gauge may decrease even if you come in 1st place.
  • When playing a multiplayer race in which you are the only human player, an error may occur after the race begins and your grade gauge may decrease.

Issues Occurring In Version 2.1.0

We have confirmed that updating to Version 2.1.0 caused the following issue to occur:

  • Sometimes the player level decreases by one if players return to the tour screen after advancing to the next player level.

Note: Players are able to obtain the level-up reward. Racing again to increase the gauge will increase player level again, but players cannot obtain the same level-up reward multiple times.

We are currently investigating and addressing this known issue. Further updates will be provided via in-game notifications. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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