Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Beta Test Now Live

Mario Kart Tour Logo

Nintendo has announced that the Mario Kart Tour multiplayer tour is now live, available to those subscribed to the Gold Pass.

To participate, you simply need to tap the Multiplayer button on the Menu screen.

“This is a test to make sure real-time multiplayer works as intended before it’s made available to all players,” Nintendo explains.

“Please be aware that the following issues may occur depending on the specifications of your device, as well as the condition of your network connection and the connection of the players you’re matched with:

  • The game’s connection becomes unstable or fails.
  • The game freezes or crashes.
  • Network or input lag makes steering unresponsive.

“Thank you for understanding that such issues may occur during this test.”

Nintendo warns that multiplayer save data from the test “cannot be carried over to the full multiplayer release.” And that, in “rare cases,” playing the test may cause your battery to drain more quickly than normal.

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