Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Developer Interview Video Reveals Prototype

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Prototype Photo

Nintendo and Velan Studios have shared a behind-the-scenes developer video that explores the creative process behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

This covers topics such as Nintendo’s positive reaction to the concept, the breakthrough moment when Item Boxes were added to the game and the early kart prototype that was produced.

“In these early development prototypes, the battery life just didn’t last that long – especially when we drove in the 150cc or 200cc speed classes,” explains Velan Studios lead programmer Jan-Erik Steel.

“But, Nintendo’s hardware team was so committed to coming up with this amazing design that really allowed for battery life to last much, much longer. There’s so much technology packed into this kart, it’s essentially a mini console on wheels.”

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 16th October 2020.

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