Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition a Nintendo World exclusive in North America


Those across North America may have felt left out when it emerged that the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition didn’t appear to be heading stateside.

That’s now changed, however, with New York’s Nintendo World Store revealing that they will be exclusively stocking the Spiny Shell-toting edition, which has snazzier packaging than its European counterpart. They will also be hosting an early launch event on May 29th, opening the store’s doors between 8pm – 12am for consumers to claim their copy of the eagerly awaited Wii U exclusive.

Mario Kart 8 launches for Wii U across Europe and North America on May 30th.

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  1. I’ve heard of limited editions/releases of games but having only one store in the entire U.S. that you have to go to physically to pick up the item is ridiculous.

    Nintendo, why would you not use the already in place online store front?

    If it was 1989 I could see this as an acceptable solution, however e-Commerce is so common that to not allow it for something like this – especially where Nintendo is obviously familiar with it(Nintendo.UK store had MK8 LE w/ key-chain and T-Shirt which can be ordered online and delivered to ones house).

    Why not do that for the U.S. release?

    Instead NOA just slapped all their fans right in the face – whether they care or not, the thing Nintendo has going for it are it’s tried and true series. A crucial release, say the first ever limited edition Mario Kart game, in the U.S. with at least feasible availability to all in that country would boost sales and make people excited about Nintendo – create positive buzz. Instead, as seems to be tradition from NOA, they released it to one store, in one city, with no option for delivery.
    I am a collector of Nintendo stuff, got all kinds of it, but it is incredibly insulting to see myself and so many others disserviced by these practices again and again.

    To the CEO of Nintendo – The practices of NOA are dishonorable.

    Seriously, NOA HAS an online storefront – if they’d use it for something useful for once…

    P.S. Whoever comes up with the products/costs for Club Nintendo merch for U.S. is an utter knob.

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