Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 now available to download!


We’ve been patiently waiting since it was announced in August, but The Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 has joined the starting line and is now available to download.

We ran through the three new characters, four new vehicles and eight new tracks our extensive preview, so be sure to check that out if you want a rundown!

For those that haven’t pre-purchased The Legend of Zelda x Mario Kart DLC Pack 1 is priced at £7.00 ($7.99), as will the Animal Crossing New Leaf x Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 arriving in May 2015. Both can be purchased as a discounted bundle for £11.00 ($11.99), with those that buy each pack receiving eight-coloured Yoshi and Shy Guy characters as a bonus.

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