Mario Kart 7 logo revealed

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Having revealed that Mario Kart 7 is to be final name of the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS instalment in the popular series, Nintendo of Europe have today released what I can only presume is to be the finalised logo for the game.

The title isn’t quite as inspiring as Super Circuit, Double Dash or Arcade GP, but then again even with a simple title such as ‘Mario Kart DS’ Nintendo were still able to achieve sales of 20.7 million units…!

Mario Kart 7 is due to release for Nintendo 3DS later this year.

Mario Kart 7 Logo

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  1. Wouldn’t Mario Kart 3D be even more enticing/smart? Maybe they’re following Microsoft Windows’ lead.

  2. Looks okay, although I still prefer the Mario Kart DS and Wii logos. And is it me, or is the main bit saying ‘Mario Kart’ darker in colour in this logo? Usually it’s silver.

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