Mario clone hits Apple’s iTunes Store

Mario 3 04

UPDATE: … and, as I wrote this up, Game Informer have just reported that Apple have taken the title down. Swift justice!

Original Story: There can be no denying the striking similarity between Monino, developed by FeYingInfo, and Nintendo’s most iconic series, Super Mario Bros.

If the Goomba look-a-likes and floating coins aren’t enough to note, there is also the character that you play as, donning a red Cap, white gloves, blue dungarees and that trademark black moustache. If THAT wasn’t enough, how about the instantly recognisable environments or even the sound effects?!

It is particularly surprising that Apple didn’t pick up on such striking similarities during the approval process – whether they missed it, or failed to care is unknown.

For those that pick it up, you’ll find yourself jumping, floating and turning as you collect Coins and Mushrooms whilst dodging enemies and obstacles in your path. Your continual goal to be to recover Monino’s brother, who has been captured by a monster named Bowler (*insert double face palm*) and so Monino must journey to the monster’s castle to rescue him.

Around 80 people have rated the game, with it receiving an average score of three out of five stars. Consumers are complaining about the poor controls and crash issues, rather than the copyright breach…

There’s a video of Monino in action below:

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