Manaphy Event Now Live On Nintendo Network In Europe


Now that the Darkrai distribution has come to a close, Mythical Pokémon Manaphy has now become available on Nintendo Network to those with Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon X, or Pokémon Y.

This will officially run between Wednesday 1st – Friday 24th June 2016, letting players receive the Water-type Mythical Pokémon.

In order to obtain Manaphy, players will need access to a Wi-Fi connection and the Nintendo Network on their New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS.

Manaphy will be Level 100 with the Hydration ability, which, if it is raining, will cure the Mythical Pokémon of any status condition at the end of each turn. It knows the moves Tail Glow, Bubble and Water Sport.

How To Get Mythical Pokémon via Nintendo Network

  • Select Receive Gift on the Main Menu, then Yes to confirm
  • Select Get Via Internet, then Yes
  • Speak to the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center to receive the Pokémon
  • Remember to save your game!
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