Make Your Escape In The Cub On Nintendo Switch

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Untold Tales and Demagog Studio have revealed that The Cub is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Set in the same neon-lit, satirical dystopian ruined Earth in Golf Club: Wasteland, the developer has chosen to revisit the location from a different angle in both gameplay and intersecting story.

“The game is set in the same world as Golf Club: Wasteland, but this isn’t a copy-paste sequel,” explains Demagog Studio creative director Igor Simic. “We’re going back to the world we created using it to tell new stories from the perspective of a survivor on Earth. We’ve also written it in such a way that the story in The Cub intersects with the one in Golf Club: Wasteland and then continues on for those who wanted to know the fate of the golfer and the child.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Inspired By the Classics, Made for the 21st Century: The game is inspired by the classic, old-school tough SEGA games of the 90s – The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Lion King – but with modern twists and ideas. Platform parkour through the remains of humanity and a world of urban ruin peppered with references as to how humanity might one day perish. Crumbling brutalist tower blocks and abandoned genetics labs, depleted chemical mines, and overgrown battlefields. Also crack environmental puzzles that keep you guessing, and stay one step ahead of the wicked humans back from Mars that are pursuing you in a twisted apocalyptic safari hunt.
  • This World Tells Tales | The Story Behind The Cub: Earth fell to ruins after multiple wars, rampant inequality, and ecological disaster. In the final months, the ultra-rich fled to Mars leaving billions behind to die. A new ecosystem feeding off the chemical waste left behind evolves without humans. But a few mutant children who have developed immunity and the skills to survive here still roam. You are one such child. Years pass and those on Mars venture back to Earth. After spotting a small mutant child, a hunt ensues. This sets off a journey of escape, exploration, and discovery through the urban ruins of humanity coupled with frantic cat and mouse chases.
  • The Perfect Tunes to Keep You Company: Keeping you company once again is the next evolution of Radio Nostalgia From Mars, the custom apocalypse wave soundtrack that’ll crash land into your psyche. Listen to thought-provoking survivor stories from the few ultrarich living on Mars, while a smooth-voiced radio DJ keeps the show moving with a collection of chill apocalypse-wave tunes and a few cryptic announcements that paint a not so pretty picture of life on Mars.
  • If Looks Could Bring Back Memories: Meticulously drawn and stylized to look like the classic animated films of the late 90s – Atlantis, Tarzan, Road to El Dorado – while also taking a page from Samurai Jack’s creator Genndy Tartakovsky’s critically acclaimed series, Primal.

The Cub will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide, although a release date has not been confirmed.

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