Make Your Escape In The Bradwell Conspiracy On Nintendo Switch

The Bradwell Conspiracy Logo

Bossa Studios and A Brave Plan have revealed that The Bradwell Conspiracy will release on Nintendo Switch.

You play as an unnamed museum visitor who wakes up in the aftermath of an explosion at the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum’s Solstice 2026 Gala.

Working with Amber, an employee who’s trapped elsewhere in the collapsing building, your only means of communication is sending pictures to her using a pair of Bradwell AR Smart Glasses.

However, your escape route is perilous and you will soon find yourself in a hidden underground complex full of secrets – using 3D-printing and photography gameplay mechanics to solve the many puzzles that you are confronted with.

With music from composer Austin Wintory (The Banner Saga, Journey), The Bradwell Conspiracy stars an illustrious voice cast that includes Broadway actress Rebecca LaChance, Abubakar Salim from Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and TV’s Jonathan Ross.

“Collaborating with Bossa Studios has enabled us to go beyond our original scope and bring The Bradwell Conspiracy to five different platforms and to localize it into 15 languages,” explains Georg Backer, A Brave Plan founder and The Bradwell Conspiracy game director.

“We’re eager for players across the world to dive in and experience our vision of how future technology can be inspiring in the right hands – or terrifying in the wrong ones.”

The Bradwell Conspiracy will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Fall 2019.

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