Make Your Escape In Out Of Line On Nintendo Switch

Out Of Line Logo

Hatinh Interactive and Nerd Monkeys have announced that their award-winning hand-drawn puzzle-platformer Out of Line will release on Nintendo Switch “later this year.”

The game follows the adventures of San, a young boy who becomes trapped in a factory controlled by an ominous and strange entity. As he retrieves memories and solves the puzzles that he is confronted with, San will unearth fragments of his identity and will discover the true meaning of freedom.

In an experience that deals with topics such as oppression, isolation, courage, optimism and hope, you will have the chance to ponder philosophical depictions between puzzle segments that relate to human existentialism in the age of technology.

“Out of Line is being designed with a stylized approach. The mechanics of the game revolve around San’s spear, something the character sees as a tool that will help him navigate this strange world,” explains Nerd Monkeys lead artist Francisco Santos. “We want players to learn through experimentation, constantly tinkering with puzzles until they find a logical solution. This design philosophy plays a thematic role in our game, as most individuals find their purpose through trial and error.”

Hatinh Interactive CEO and co-founder Philippe Dao adds: “We are thrilled to be the publisher Out of Line later this year as we are keen to bring to fans of puzzle, platformers and action games a unique experience and a full immersion thanks to the story and the beautiful poetic world of Out of Line.”

Out of Line will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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