Make Repairs In Rover Mechanic Simulator On Nintendo Switch

Rover Mechanic Simulator Logo

Ultimate Games and Pyramid Games have confirmed that Rover Mechanic Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch.

You will have the chance to live in the first Martian colony and work there as a mechanic, repairing and maintaining rover vehicles that have been “painstakingly recreated” from official NASA blueprints.

Space enthusiasts will recognise several well-known rover types – like the Sojourner, Curiosity, Opportunity and Spirit – along with the robotic helicopter, Ingenuity. Recreating the Curiosity rover required that the developer render 437 separate parts alone.

Using tools such as a 3D printer, recycling machine, overhead crane, soldering iron and more, you will need to identify and analyse each mechanical problem before creating the parts you need to perform the entire repair procedure.

“Our game combines relaxing gameplay along with educational elements. Individual vehicle models showcase a huge level of realism in the game. Our artists have spent several months studying actual NASA equipment to recreate it as faithfully as possible,” explains Pyramid Games CEO Jacek Wyszyński.

“Of course, we had to take some liberties in order to make the gameplay fun. A good case in point is that real-life rovers are designed for one-way trips only, yet in our game it is possible to fix them and bring them back to full operational capacity, so for example we replaced bolts with screws in order to make it possible.”

Rover Mechanic Simulator will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “in the coming months.”

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